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How to invest in share market by
Dr. Ravi Bhokse on Doordarshan


Have you ever wondered ? HOW the Rich acquired wealth and successfully multiplied it with an amazing pace and continuity ? Have you ever pondered? HOW their money-boxes keep jingling all the time--- 24x7?? Well, the MASTER-KEY is to put your BEST Horse before the cart!
And how? Obviously by ---- INVESTING

It can be as simple as you would like it to be …… Investing is 'Harnessing' your money to make more money! SOW MONEY TO REAP MONEY---that is what INVESTMENT is about! There was a time when it was imbibed on our minds that the only means to earn money was to take up a job and go through the throes of the run-of-the-mill routine! We did that all along –often working extra hours to put aside a cozy amount for a rainy day! But we had to draw a line somewhere since there was a limit to the extra number of hours we could put in—at the expense of sacrificing our precious leisure time!

Since we have not been endowed with the innate quality of creating our clone (or duplicate) to invest more working time, it becomes inevitable to employ an extension of yourself ---your precious money to work! Have you realized that your Money is your best Clone who works for you in your absentia and multiplies your affluence even as you are reading, relaxing or dreaming?!? Isn’t it as assuring as it is thrilling to discover that there’s somebody –your very own— to toil for you while you put up your feet and take a break? On the other hand, if you happen to work at the same time in your office, you and your counterpart can reach the highest peak on the graph of affluence!! It is yet another way TO EAT YOUR CAKE WHILE THE SECOND ONE IS BEING BAKED IN THE OVEN!!

You may contemplate regarding the numerous ways to go about Investing! Yes, you are right; there are different ways like Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Estate or starting your Own Business---but all of them gleefully lead you to the same destination! These methods are often designated as Investment Vehicles’ and all ‘Vehicles’ have their share of positive and negative characteristics to offer.

No matter which method of Investment you employ, the goal is to multiply what you invest. The goal is that your invested money should multiply and grow like a ‘fruit-laden tree’ that keeps giving you sweet fruits in the form of long-time benefits! Though the concept is simple, it is equally important that you understand it before implementing the same.

To have a crystal-clear concept regarding Investments, it is better to dust the cobwebs of misconceptions shrouding it – giving it a different identity altogether! Which are these misconceptions?


It is NOT GAMBLING – not even in the remotest sense of the word! Gambling is employing your money with a huge risk of losing it!! The chances of winning and losing money are obscure and you are stranded on the financial cross-roads! The reason why Investments and Gambling are confused for each other may be because of the 'hot tips' one gets to hear in public places regarding both of them!

True Investment doesn't materialize without your active participation. A 'Real; or a Genuine Investor simply does not fling his/her precious money to make random investments but makes an in-depth analytical study of the prevailing market-situation; the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and feasibility before shelling out a precious chunk of his hard-earned money in the form of Capital. Yes, in spite of all these precautionary measures, the risk factor will always be lurking around – one has merely to embark on Lady Luck being at your side all the time!


Investing spells more money – and more money means more security, more confidence and elevated affordability!

Investing has ceased to be acknowledged as ‘doing something extra’; on the contrary, an Investment is being accepted more as a ‘necessity’ than as an ‘option’. The days where a person hung on to the same old job for three decades (or thereabouts) without trying for other options and finally winding off with a fat pension-package – have joined the bygones! Investing had meant a potential threat then, and they toiled during their hey-days in order to enjoy a relaxed retired life!

In our country, the Government is rather ‘tight-lipped’ about the pension-programs’ of the Senior Citizens. With this scenario on the horizon, where the Government has passed on its responsibility of planning post-retirement pension programmes to the Senior Citizens, the latter have no option but to shoulder their own responsibility. How safe will our Old-Age Programmes turn out to be in the next 20, 30 and 50 years – has become a debatable issue! Why leave it to chance when you can use your will and skill to plan a well-defined financially-stable programme all by yourself??

Just ONE Question----as of today, are you happy with your investment-returns?

In all probabilities, you may say ‘Yes’ but give it an once-over; seek solitude to ponder over deeply…..and you may come up wit the most unpredictable answer!

Kindly focus on this factor – there are ‘n’ number of opportunities available in the Share-Market and are very safe --- several shades better and safer than the Bank Deposits. However, the Stock Market is a Tough Game since the Investor is bombarded by contradictory advice and strategies that dampen his enthusiasm. It should be made known to him that it is never easy to make a lot of money here; it takes a great deal of knowledge and skill and the kind of sophistication that comes with experience and practice. This Course is specially designed for them who have a passion for success and who can benefit from Indian Business Industry and be a part of its growth as well!

The ‘n’ numbers of opportunities in the share Market are undoubtedly rewarding and much safer than any Bank deposits but you need to be highly vigilant and indulge in research in order to recognize these opportunities. Besides the methods employed by the Experts in this field serve as ‘guiding stars’ for us.

These techniques do not belong to a private domain and can be easily learnt and mastered over a period of time. What you need is a keen understanding with a lot of patience and proper guidance. You have the choice of becoming the ‘intra-trader’ (in and out the same day) or an ‘inter-trader’ (“swing-trading” or day-to-day trading) as both are lucrative.

As with any other field of skill and knowledge, the Stock-Trading Business also demands the essential pre-requisites like-- training by experts; equipped with appropriate tools and an organized system of implementation of the pre-planned strategies. The deterrents/obstacles for being a successful trader are -- lack of guidance and confusion caused by excessive information.

I have designed and developed this programme in such a manner that it will help you to overcome all the obstacles and at the same time provide you step-by-step guidance at a personal level! This programme has been specially so designed that it not only builds a substantial base (both for the new-comers as well as the experienced ones) but also provides a valuable in-sight and accurate knowledge to pave your way on the path of success!

You are required to learn and exercise a system of rules that will not only assist you in the entry and exit criteria but also strengthen your skills to be consistent in the art of trading and take you to a level where you will have a profound advantage over other traders too!

It pleases me to announce that we also have several simple tools and techniques too which are inclusive in our modules. It is essential for you to learn, comprehend and practice the skills which remain the main objective of this curriculum!

Our Programme introduces the Fundamental and Technical factors which an Investor ought to know; while at the same time emphasis will be laid on the guide-lines and the methods adopted by the successful seasoned Experts! Moreover, the different skillful strategies exercised by them will also be discussed (along with practical illustrations) based on their enriched experiences to make the concepts more clear and comprehensive!

In addition, you will be happy to find that our Course has resorted to special efforts to clarify even the most basic and simplest of concepts (along with examples) to accentuate your understanding and comprehension of the entire subject matter.


We have been teaching for over 20 years. Since the conception of the institiute in 1999 - formarly known as Share Market Made Easy Institute, we have taught over 26000+ students. You can surely understand why we are the most awarded institiute in Mumbai.